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Jos Verstappen clear: 'The English are massively behind Lewis'

Jos Verstappen clear: 'The English are massively behind Lewis'

04-12-2021 09:17 Last update: 10:27


The title fight between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton also means a battle between the Netherlands and England. While the English media are mainly focused on Hamilton, in the Netherlands it is the other way around. According to Jos Verstappen his son remains calm.

The former Formula 1 driver sees the English press behaving differently towards Verstappen than Hamilton. "That's how I experience it, yes," he stated in conversation with De Limburger. "The English are massively behind Lewis and try to make a story out of everything. They are often looking for something that is not there. We have always been very open to the British press, but if you experience a few times that things are taken out of context, you think: never mind."

Verstappen is not the only one to experience this, he emphasises. "Fernando Alonso recently pointed out that Formula 1 is very British-oriented and that the press plays a major role in this. He has experienced this himself in the past. Max doesn't care about it by the way. He goes his own way."

Verstappen can finish the world title battle this weekend

The Dutchman has the opportunity to win the world title this weekend. Verstappen would have to win the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, while Hamilton would have to miss out on a lot of points. However, it is most likely that both drivers will decide the title battle in Abu Dhabi.

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