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Hope for Verstappen: For Formula 1 it would be better if Max wins

Hope for Verstappen: "For Formula 1 it would be better if Max wins"

03-12-2021 19:10


Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton will battle it out for the world title in the next two Grands Prix. With a good performance from Verstappen and a poor race for Hamilton, the Dutchman can take the world championship this weekend. Whatever the final result is, Jacques Villeneuve has enjoyed the season.

The Canadian did not always express himself positively about Verstappen in the past, but there is little evidence of that is small in the interview with The Telegraph. Villeneuve is very enthusiastic about the way Verstappen is manifesting himself this season and sees cracks forming in Hamilton.

Above all, he finds it interesting to scrutinise the differences between Hamilton and Verstappen. "They are two extremes," he notes. "Max is not politically correct, doesn't care what others say and is here to race. Lewis, on the other hand, is more concerned with his image and very active on social media. We are seeing a great show this year."

Verstappen victory would be good for Formula 1

Although Villeneuve does not want to express a preference, he thinks it will be a positive boost for the sport if Verstappen is able to take the top prize in Abu Dhabi. "For Formula 1 it would be better if Max wins. In that case, Lewis still has to hunt for his eighth world title, to break Michael Schumacher's record."

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