Bottas: 'Don't think Verstappen will crash deliberately along with Lewis'

Bottas: 'Don't think Verstappen will crash deliberately along with Lewis'

02-12-2021 15:40 Last update: 17:02

Max Verstappen is defending an eight-point lead over Lewis Hamilton in the 2021 Formula One World Championship. With just two Grands Prix to go, it is possible that the differences between them will be even less next week. Could a joint crash be a possible scenario?

Verstappen was asked about it on Thursday in Saudi Arabia. The 24-year old explained that he is not concerned about it at all. Valtteri Bottas also thinks Verstappen will not lower himself to that level.

Bottas does not expect a crash

"Every point is super important. Lewis and I will try to get everything out of it that we can, but at the same time we are racers and we have respect. I don't think Max is calculating during the race and will do that kind of thing [deliberate crashing]," Bottas said in the press conference in the presence of and others.

This season, there have been many occasions when Verstappen and Hamilton have been at loggerheads on the track. The seven-time world champion and his Dutch rival touched at Silverstone where Verstappen picked up a DNF. And at Monza, both drivers had a DNF after a touch at turn one.

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