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Domenicali draws the line: 'Four GPs in the Middle East is enough'

Domenicali draws the line: 'Four GPs in the Middle East is enough'

30-11-2021 20:09 Last update: 22:59


F1-CEO Stefano Domenicali is happy with the four races in the Middle East that are now on the F1 calendar but emphasises that under no circumstances will more than four races be held in this region in a season. The Italian defends F1's choice for these countries.

F1 provides positive change

2021 started in Bahrain and will also end in the Middle East. The final three races will be held in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. That this region matters to the sport is beyond dispute. Speaking to Motorsport-total.com F1 boss: "I think Bahrain was the first country in F1 from this region. It has a special significance. The Middle East plays an important role in Formula One. We believe in this region."

The problem that often surrounds GP weekends in these countries is the discussions about human rights and the lack of compliance by the countries concerned. This is particularly the case in Qatar and Saudi Arabia; the two most recent additions to the F1 calendar. Domenicali: "We have always said that we are an international sport with an incredibly high level of awareness."

By this, Domenicali means to say that the collaboration between F1 and these countries can actually create positive change: "When a country commits to investing in a project like this, they know that it will be accompanied by a lot of media coverage. I believe it will also make a difference in Saudi Arabia. I've always said that you can't expect change in a day, but Formula One helps to speed up the process."

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