'From 2026, a shorter wheelbase and narrower Formula 1 cars'

02-11-2021 07:23 | Updated: 02-11-2021 09:36
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'From 2026, a shorter wheelbase and narrower Formula 1 cars'

The new cars for 2022 have not even been presented yet, but Formula 1 itself is already working on the new regulations for 2026. In that year there will be a new engine and a new engine also means new guidelines for aerodynamics.

New aerodynamic regulations

F1 is still busy getting the final details on paper for the new 2026 engine, but in outline, it is known. It will remain a V6 hybrid engine but without the pricey MGU-H. The power engine will be less, but that will be compensated by the electric power. This change should also be visible in the new cars.

A new engine means a new car and that means Pat Symonds has to go back to the drawing board. According to Auto, Motor und Sport Formula 1's technical man is already working on the rules for 2026. The new regulations for 2022 are already in place so he can focus on a car that will fit the new engine for 2026.

Smaller F1 cars

The aerodynamic concept will not change from 2026 compared to 2022. The goal is still to be able to race closer to each other, to facilitate overtaking. However, the lessons learned from the first four seasons can be incorporated into the new rules for 2026. Despite this small difference, the cars will be completely different.

F1 wants lighter cars to compensate for the lack of power. Symonds is aiming for a significant weight reduction by making the car a lot smaller. If Symonds gets what he wants, the wheelbase will be a lot shorter than it is now and the car will also be a lot narrower.

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