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Verstappen sets his sights on Mercedes: 'Have things in the pipeline too'

Verstappen sets his sights on Mercedes: 'Have things in the pipeline too'

26-08-2021 07:07 Last update: 08:52

Max Verstappen is preparing for two home races in a row. First, he can race in front of a sea of Orange fans in Belgium, to experience the return of the Dutch Grand Prix a week later. To Verstappen looks ahead.

Spa and Zandvoort

After the summer break, the drivers and the team have to get back to work immediately because there is a Triple Header coming up. First up is the race in Belgium, followed by races in the Netherlands and Italy. In the battle for the title, every race is important, but the Verstappen-fans will be hoping for a victory for Max in the next two races.

''Spa is my favourite circuit and of course a sort of home race, so I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of fans at a track I really enjoy. Then we head to Zandvoort for the first time in 36 years. A few years ago I never expected that track to be on the calendar'', says Verstappen.

Updates for Red Bull

Verstappen finds it difficult to estimate the proportions at this stage. ''I think it's different at every circuit. We already knew from last year that we lacked power and overall had less grip. I think this year we have made big steps in both areas. Some tracks were good for us, on other tracks, Mercedes was better. We've had a lot of good results, but we've also had some bad luck with the race in Baku and of course the last two races, where we lost a lot of points. So there is a lot to fight for.

It was already announced on Wednesday that Red Bull Racing are likely to come up with updates as early as Belgium, and Verstappen seems to confirm that. ''It's close to each other. I think Mercedes had the advantage the last two races with their latest upgrades, but we know we have some things in the pipeline as well. I hope that will give us some lap time'', concludes the Dutchman.

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