Leclerc explains the key differences between Hamilton and Verstappen

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Leclerc on similarities and differences Verstappen and Hamilton
19 June at 13:00
  • Cas van de Kleut

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are often compared. In 2021, the two battled each other for the world title. In discussions over who is the best driver of all time, the Dutchman is now a major rival for the seven-time world champion. Charles Leclerc discusses the differences and similarities between the two.

Currently, Hamilton is the most successful driver of all time. He has the most wins, the most pole positions and in addition, he is equal to Michael Schumacher in terms of most world titles. Verstappen, on the other hand, is currently on the rise. The Dutchman scored 50 victories from 2021 until now, putting him on a total of 60 wins. He is also currently the leader in the championship, so there is a chance he could also add a fourth world title to his trophy cabinet this season.

Differences and similarities Verstappen and Hamilton

When Leclerc was asked by Italian La Stampa how he would describe Hamilton and Verstappen, the Monegasque explained, "They are both very fast, of course. As for Lewis, I would say he is also very calculating. By that I mean on the track. In the way he moves, how he puts the car down when he is attacking or defending. You just understand how much experience he has and his thoughts behind it."

Verstappen is known as a different driver. Therefore, Leclerc also argues that the Dutchman has a different trait from Hamilton: "He is a bit more aggressive. He's more the type who thinks 'If there's a gap, I'll just go for it'."

This article was written in collaboration with Sophia Crothall.