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Abbi Pulling on her recent winning success in F4 and F1 Academy

Pulling says she is 'capable of winning' more races

14 May at 17:30
  • Sophia Crothall

Abbi Pulling made history last weekend when she became the first female driver to win a British F4 race. She also won two races in the space of 24 hours in Miami. For Pulling, she hopes to continue her success, and make the move to F3 soon too. 

Speaking to The Telegraph, the British driver said she should have had "a few wins already by now", given her experience. “I’ve always known I’ve been capable of this and I know that I’m fast and I think you’ve got to be your own biggest backer in that regard,”

“I’ve been beating boys and girls since I was in karting, before I even got to single seaters. So I expect to be winning these races. That said, the last two weeks have been special. It’s been pleasing to be able to show what I’m capable of.”

Pulling secured her F4 win this weekend after an early safety car led her to set the fastest lap and win the race by five seconds. However, she is aware that someone will criticise her performance, and claim it was a reverse-grid triumph: “The reverse-grid race is not the race that I want to be winning, for sure, I want to be winning the main races.”

What's next for Pulling?

The female driver has been racing in F4 for four years now, and has grown in confidence since then. She claims the increased track time and being able to work with her team, Rodin Motorsport, in both F4 and F1 Academy has certainly helped: "When you actually boil it down to hours in the car, in 2022 for instance, everything you saw on TV, which was three 30-minute sessions six times a year in W Series, amounted to about 10 hours worth of driving. Hardly anything. Whereas now I’m getting a lot more time on track.”

Pulling now hopes to continue winning on track. She currently leads by 34 points from Mercedes' Doriane Pin in the all female driving series, F1 Academy. “I want to progress up the ladder and move into more of an F3-type machine whether it’s GB3, FRECA, F3…just something that is the level above what I’ve been doing this year and last year. I’ve just got to keep my head down and keep working,” she added.