Verstappen will miss his friend Newey

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Verstappen looks back on his career with Newey
13 May at 10:30
  • Renate van Holst

The news that Adrian Newey has left Red Bull was confirmed during the week of the Grand Prix in Miami. In a Red Bull YouTube video, Max Verstappen looks back on his collaboration with the designer.

Verstappen will miss Newey

"I think it was great to be able to work with Adrian so closely." Verstappen says in the Red Bull YouTube video. "He’s always going to be a friend of Red Bull in general and I think everyone will always be thankful of his contribution to the team."

Since joining Red Bull in 2016, Verstappen has always driven cars designed by Newey, including those which have led him to win three world championships since 2021.

Verstappen says he will miss the designer in the team, but also understands the decision to leave. "It’s life as well. You know at one point your ways might part but you will always appreciate and enjoy what you have achieved together."

This article was written in collaboration with Sophia Crothall.