Zak Brown saw Norris grow up at McLaren: 'Feels personal'

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Zak Brown saw Norris grow up at McLaren Feels personal Miami GP win
7 May at 16:30

For the first time in his career, Lando Norris finally crossed the finish line in first place at the Miami Grand Prix. Being with the McLaren for approximately a decade, it was a special moment for not only Norris, but also for the CEO Zak Brown.

After the race, Zak Brown was sentimental about their achievement of getting that first win for Norris. "Yes, this feels a bit personal. This feels really special. He's been with us from day one. He's had so many second places, it's good to get this one done. He's now a Grand Prix winner, and, you know, once you do one, they come a little bit more frequently," the CEO told Viaplay.

McLaren saw Norris growing up at the team. From handing coffee to Fernando Alonso, he is now has a victory in Formula 1. "Young, 14-15," Brown answered when Norris joined the team.

Did Brown think 'why did it took so long for Norris to tick off this achievement', when by the end of the race, it seemed so easy? "Exactly [that]," he answered.