Why Prost thinks Verstappen's titles are worthless

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prost on the value of verstappen's titles
13 April at 07:00
Last update 13 April at 09:09

In an interview with Sports Illustrated's Lydia Mee, Alain Prost praises Max Verstappen. But the four-time Formula One world champion is disappointed that the Dutchman does not have regular competition.

"Max is one of, if not the very best Formula 1 driver today, we have to accept that. But a championship is worth more to the winning driver when there is a fight between two or three teams," the racing legend stated.

The Frenchman hopes Mercedes and Ferrari can get back into the fight with Red Bull Racing as soon as possible. "Mercedes and Ferrari have a better chance if, like Red Bull, they find a real first driver and focus more on that. It's a pity they don't have that at the moment. Hopefully next year they will, and then we'll get another great fight."

Prost questions Hamilton's move to Ferrari

Prost also commented on Hamilton's transfer to Ferrari. "I can understand that he wants to try something different. Mercedes has been struggling for two years, so I can understand that you seek refuge elsewhere."

Nevertheless, the 69-year-old doubts whether the team change will have the desired effect. "Next year he will be another year older. I wonder if he will be able to find his motivation again. It is possible for a short period, but he has been around an English team for a long time, and the way of working at Ferrari, an Italian team, is different. Hamilton will also be incredibly pressured by the media, it's not easy."