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Thrilling battle for win in Tokyo E-Prix between Rowland and Günther

Thrilling battle for win in Tokyo E-Prix between Rowland and Günther

30 March - 07:15

Maximillian Günther won the Tokyo E-Prix. Oliver Rowland and Günther made the battle for the win fun and exciting, both tactically and in pure racing terms. In the end, Günther came out on top. Read the race report here and see the full results below.

A good start for Wehrlein and Frijns in the first few laps. Frijns also immediately made up four places in the first four laps. It looks like drama for Jake Hughes on lap six. He parked his car in the barrier, but fortunately for him, he still managed to drive on. The race did not need to be neutralised. Here and there all drivers use their attack mode, except for the top six. They waited until there was some space to actually do something with that attack mode. Pascal Wehrlein was the first frontrunner to make use of it.

A notable moment happened on lap twelve when both McLarens visited the pit lane; they both got a new front wing. They were both already last. At the halfway point, Rowland and Günther, who hold the first two spots, alternated the leader. Both cars were in attack mode. Rowland seems to emerge victorious. However, Günther was unhappy with Rowland's driving style: "This is super dangerous, report it to the stewards," he said over the team radio.

A smoking Jaguar occurred when Evans' car was badly damaged. He visited the pit lane and, miraculously, left it again. The reason for the damage was contact with Frijns. The safety car was called to the track due to some car parts on the track. Both Di Grassi and De Vries dropped out after entering the pit lane at the same time. It is unclear what happened to the two. The safety car went back in, and Rowland pulled away at the final corner, to the surprise of Günther.

Günther, in turn, had over four minutes of attack mode left, and Rowland had nothing left. Rowland also relinquished first place to Günther. A bold gamble by Rowland, who hoped he could take over the top spot again later. Rowland's plan failed. Günther remained in first place; his pace, combined with his remaining energy, was enough to win the race. Due to the safety car, it was decided to extend the race by two laps.

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