Andretti takes a new step towards F1: This is how he wants to convince FOM

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Andretti won't give up and will build new headquarters for Formula One
13 March at 20:00

Michael Andretti suffered a setback earlier this year after Formula One Management (FOM) decided not to give his team access to the Formula One grid. Or rather, not yet. FOM informed the ambitious American to try again for the 2028 season. At that time, not entirely coincidentally, General Motors (under the Cadillac brand name) want to appear in Formula 1 as an engine supplier, with Andretti as a partner.

The year 2028 is still a while away, yet Andretti is anything but idle. The former McLaren F1 driver is building a new headquarters, to be commissioned in mid-2025. Also, bearing in mind that the Formula 1 team will also be housed here at some point, the original building plans have been modified. The 90-acre campus will be located in Fishers, Indiana. The new building is not far from the current headquarters, where Andretti works on the team's IMSA and IndyCar cars.

Andretti already working hard on F1 car

"Since groundbreaking, we’ve taken time to really evaluate and dive deep into every aspect of the project," Andretti reveals. "Our goal remains to create a healthy workplace and culture for employees and a campus that can be a destination for the community while focusing on enhanced performance and competition capabilities for our race teams. The updated designs and direction accomplish all those th,ings and I’m so proud of what we are building."

Despite the initial rejection from FOM, Andretti is currently working on their own F1 car. This is still primarily done in Cologne, where the team uses Toyota's facilities. This Japanese team's wind tunnel was also used by McLaren until recently, but the British F1 team have since opened their own wind tunnel in Woking.