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'Red Bull boss Mintzlaff travels to Jeddah'

'Red Bull boss Mintzlaff travels to Jeddah'

6 March - 07:54

Red Bull Racing is in danger of falling apart. Christian Horner is still the team boss of the Milton Keynes-based team, but that isn't pleasing some key people according the latest reports. The tension is palpable at the reigning world champions and that has prompted Oliver Mintzlaff - CEO of Corporate Projects and New Investments at Red Bull GmbH - to pay the team a visit in Saudi Arabia.

The story is now well known. Red Bull GmbH, the headquarters of the Austrian can giant, wants to see Christian Horner leave. This is not only following the recent allegations of inappropriate behaviour but also, internally, a troubled relationship has been said to have existed for some time.

However, Horner was cleared by an independent lawyer and feels supported by the Thai major shareholder (51 percent), who was also present in Bahrain last weekend. Red Bull GmbH owns 49 percent of the shares and, therefore, has less say. To restore calm, they are hoping for Horner's departure.

Mintzlaff heading to Jeddah

To gauge the situation, Oliver Mintzlaff is travelling to Saudi Arabia, according to Bild. The Red Bull sports boss will want to know the ins and outs of the situation and will no doubt hold talks with advisor Helmut Marko and star driver Max Verstappen, whose father also seems to be pushing for a split with Horner. Will Mintzlaff - who was considered a critic of the British team boss before the Horner affair anyway - manage to restore calm?