Schumacher: 'Mick has a good chance of replacing Hamilton at Mercedes'

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Schumacher expects battle between Hamilton and Leclerc for No. 1 status
3 February at 13:30

A shockwave went through the Formula 1 world on Thursday when it was announced that Lewis Hamilton is swapping Mercedes for Ferrari from 2025. Ralf Schumacher understands the decision, although he thinks Charles Leclerc will not give up his number-one status at the Scuderia lightly. The former F1 driver also expresses his expectations about Hamilton's successor.

'Hamilton and Leclerc will fight for number 1 status Ferrari'

Schumacher wonders how relations will be at Ferrari once Hamilton joins the team. "When Hamilton joins Ferrari, he will try to get number one status, but I think he will have to fight for that," he told the German edition of Sky Sports. "More importantly, what do the drivers want? Lewis needs a stable car, while Charles can also handle a nervous car. We will see who comes out on top."

On Hamilton's decision to swap the Mercedes team for a seat at Ferrari, the former F1 driver said the following: "It was surprising but also understandable. Lewis really wants to win and I think in the last two years he has lost a bit of confidence in the team and the structure at Mercedes. Those two years were difficult. You also shouldn't underestimate Frederic Vasseur's long-standing relationship with him and I'm sure he promised him everything."

Schumacher thinks Mick is the ideal candidate for Mercedes

One of the most frequently asked questions at the moment is: who will be Hamilton's successor? "There won't be that many candidates. It is a question of what Toto Wolff wants to do. George Russell, if he makes no mistakes, is certainly capable of following in Lewis' footsteps and leading the team," said Schumacher.

He continued: "The question now is whether they go for experience or new, young people. Mick would certainly be one of the best options in the young field, but Carlos Sainz is of course also in the market, although I think he is more likely to end up at Audi. I think Mick's chances are good and I think he deserves the chance."

Schumacher believes his nephew Mick Schumacher would be the ideal driver to work alongside Russell on the team's future. "I have every confidence in that. Now Toto Wolff has yet to share the same opinion, but so far I have only heard positive things about Mick from him," Schumacher said.