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coulthard and jordan choose drivers own formula one team

Jordan: 'This driver could do well alongside Verstappen'

16 January at 10:00

David Coulthard is always everywhere: during Grand Prix weekends, the Scot does not have a moment's rest, he is always somewhere in front of a camera commentating or in a hospitality unit entertaining sponsors. Everyone hangs on his every word when he talks about his own experiences in Formula 1 or gives his views on the current period in the sport.

Experienced enough himself, so Coutlhard can judge better than anyone else which drivers on the current F1 grid are top performers and which are not. In his own podcast Formula for Success, he and the former team principal, Eddie Jordan addressed the question: which drivers would they currently attract, if they owned an F1 team themselves? Coulthard does not have to think about that for long: Lewis Hamilton, the most successful driver in the sport of all time.

Hamilton combined with Alonso?

"I would put Lewis Hamilton in there for sure. As someone that is, is just a winning machine when things are, you know, when the vehicle is below him," said Coulthard. "This is fantasy Formula 1. I would put Fernando alongside him just to see when we asked the questions about the great rivalries. They didn't really get along when they were teammates back in the McLaren day the first time. But how would it be now, the ones, what, is one like 38, 39 in the case of Lewis and the other, 42? But if it wasn't, someone like a Fernando, I'd go for a young developing rookie to learn off of Lewis for the future. So that could be an Oscar, it could be a Lando, it could be a George, you know, Charles,they're all great drivers."

Jordan has confidence in Albon

Eddie Jordan, who in the past as team principal had the ability to pick drivers even in reality, says he is a big fan of Leclerc. In addition, he too would see Lewis Hamilton as an option. "Lewis would be very hard to overlook," says Jordan, but actually he would go for another driver besides Leclerc.

"I have a real soft spot for Alex Albon," Jordan explains. "I just think that given the right situations that I think he could really, really be mustered and I would like to see at some stage that he is given the chance alongside Max because I think he might be a big surprise." Yet Albon would not be the first choice in a Jordan team either. The 75-year-old would like Lando Norris to step in alongside Leclerc.

When asking Coulthard and Jordan the question, it was incidentally added that Max Verstappen could not be chosen.