Verstappen elaborates: 'The F1 Grand Prix with the best atmosphere!'

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Verstappen reveals the Grand Prix with the best atmosphere
13 December at 20:00

The Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort was an absolute highlight of the Formula 1 season for Max Verstappen. The triple world champion won in tricky conditions, creating a celebratory atmosphere in the grandstands on the Dutch coast. Verstappen himself calls it the Grand Prix with the best atmosphere.

Does Verstappen want the Zandvoort Grand Prix to be on the calendar for a long time to come? "As long as I am in Formula 1, yes. I do hope so," he said in an interview with Viaplay. "Of course I will be in Formula 1 for a few more years, and I do hope it stays. It's also incredible what they managed to do there, and how it all went smoothly as well. It is also a calling card of how we are as Dutch people," the Red Bull driver explained.

Royal family visiting Zandvoort

During Sunday in Zandvoort, the Dutch royal family was also present in Zandvoort. What did King Willem-Alexander tell the Formula 1 driver? "He was immensely proud, and that makes me proud again. I am also proud to be Dutch. I always find that very special. That such a small country can produce so many athletes."

"I might be biased because I am Dutch, but for me this is the Grand Prix with the best atmosphere," explained the 26-year-old athlete. "Just with real atmosphere, not the manufactured one. That's where the difference is for me," concluded Verstappen, who is most likely referring to the Las Vegas Grand Prix, for example.