Berger critical of Perez: 'Even a rookie wouldn't make a mistake like that'

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Berger critical of Perez and expresses concerns about Hamilton
7 December at 16:00
Last update 7 December at 16:50

Gerhard Berger is impressed with what Max Verstappen has shown this season, but less so with Sergio Perez. The former Formula 1 driver does not seem to understand very well why the Mexican is allowed to stay put, as Berger did not think Perez was strong at the end of the season either.

About Verstappen, Berger says he "just lives for his sport, for Formula 1, with every fibre of his body". "That is his passion and that is why I think he is the world's best driver of all time." The 64-year-old Austrian is a lot less enthusiastic about his team-mate. Perez scored 290 fewer points than Verstappen.

Berger on Perez

"Yes, if you lump Max and Pérez together, the average again falls in Helmut's favour," says Berger, Marko's compatriot and good friend. "Looking at Leclerc's overtaking manoeuvre against Pérez on the last lap at the Las Vegas Grand Prix, I have to say that even a rookie would not make such a mistake."

Perez could not quite make it in 2023, but Red Bull Racing did not need him either. With 575 points, Verstappen collected more than number two in the constructors' championship Mercedes did (409).

Red Bull's lead

The big question is whether Red Bull Racing will start 2024 with such a big lead over the rest again. The world titles were in early, and so the focus could be on 2024 early on. Lewis Hamilton previously revealed that this worries him.

Berger on that: "That's just the language of Formula 1, to be able to start the new year with less pressure. Even though I see Red Bull as the clear favourite, Formula 1 is always good for a surprise and something can always happen. In any case,I am very much looking forward to 2024," he concluded with Krone Zeitung.