Analyst Windsor looks back on Red Bull's season: 'It's bizarre'

Analyst Windsor looks back on Red Bull's season: 'It's bizarre'

30-11-2023 16:15

Formula 1 analyst Peter Windsor looks back on Red Bull's season on his YouTube channel. He finds it downright bizarre that the team was able to pick up 21 wins and marvels that other teams had so little resistance to offer.

"It's ridiculous really isn't it. When you think that, really, from halfway through the year there was a big door opening for the main opposition. That is Ferrari, Mercedes, Aston Martin, McLaren, to do some winning," said the analyst on his channel. He continued: "Red Bull quite clearly were going to be easing up on the number of upgrades they did on the RB19. Probably none, whatsoever. We all thought we had a chance that we're going to see some good racing in the second half of the year. Ferrari delivered with a good win in Singapore but that was it."

The season in two sentences

The Briton manages to sum up the season in a few sentences: "After that McLaren looks strong for several races, Mercedes kind of stayed where they were couple of good performances but nothing spectacular. And there were Red Bulls, still winning, still dominating even though they're not doing upgrades on the car. That really sums up the 2023 season. So, in a way, a perfectly apt finale to what we saw this year in Abu Dhabi."