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'Where will F1 sprint races be held in 2024?'

'Where will F1 sprint races be held in 2024?'

30-11-2023 10:30

Formula 1 has announced to teams where the sprint races will be held in 2024, according to Auto, Motor und Sport. There are two changes from the previous racing year.

Six sprint races will again be held in 2024 during next year's 24-race F1 season. As in 2023, sprint races will again be held in Austria, the United States (Austin), Brazil and Qatar in 2024. However, two new events will feature a sprint race: China and Miami.

Where will F1 sprint races be held in 2024?

China and Miami will replace Azerbaijan and Belgium, where sprint races were held in 2023. It is also likely that the sprint format will be shaken up in 2024. As GPblog previously reported, it became clear at the F1 paddock in Abu Dhabi that the teams are aiming for a weekend with more opportunities to change the setup.

To make that happen, F1 qualifying will be shifted from Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon. There will be practice first on Friday, followed by the sprint shootout. On Saturday, there will be the sprint race first and then qualifying for the Grand Prix on Sunday. As qualifying is after the sprint race, parc fermé will only start after qualifying, so the setup can be tinkered with longer.

By adjusting this race weekend, F1 is fulfilling Max Verstappen's wish. The Dutchman is not a fan of the format but mainly points to the predictability of the weekend. With the ability to change your setup from the sprint race to the GP, there is a chance that the races and qualifying will look different and less predictable.