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FIA wants to remove track limit debacle: AI test in Abu Dhabi

FIA wants to remove track limit debacle: AI test in Abu Dhabi

24-11-2023 08:37

In Abu Dhabi this weekend, artificial intelligence will be used for the first time to determine whether drivers are exceeding track limits. The FIA is testing a new AI system for enforcing track limits, using Computer Vision technology.

This innovative AI system can make this assessment by calculating whether F1 tyres cross the edge of the track. The aim of this is possibly to allow more accurate assessments of crossing the white line. This should also ensure that time penalties - if needed - can be handed out faster by the stewards rather than only after the race is over.

Automatic assessment

Currently, track limits are being enforced by a small team of people who have to assess hundreds of suspicious situations per race. However, this human assessment leads to unsanctioned violations. With the new AI system, employees will self-assess many of the reports generated, but there will also be situations where human intervention is no longer necessary.

Moreover, the self-learning nature of the system will result in continuous improvements in assessments. It will only be a test at the Yas Marina Circuit this weekend. It is not yet certain that we will then see the AI system in action at all Grands Prix by 2024.