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Verstappen on if Hamilton was at Red Bull: 'What do I have to prove?'

Verstappen on if Hamilton was at Red Bull: 'What do I have to prove?'

23-11-2023 15:26

Suddenly it was the topic of conversation in Abu Dhabi: Lewis Hamilton's potential interest in possibly joining Red Bull Racing to race alongside Max Verstappen. Something the Briton denied, The seven-time champion instead pointing to Christian Horner, who had approached him for an interview. What exactly is the truth, no one knows. In any case, Max Verstappen leaves it all cold, he reiterated in conversation with Dutch media - including GPblog.

'What does Max Verstappen think about this story?' The Dutchman again responded firmly: "I'm not interested. I didn't know anything when I was asked about it either. It's just never going to happen. That scenario doesn't exist." The three-time champion was then presented with how Hamilton indicated that Verstappen did not want him in a team. The Dutchman shrugged: "That kind of thing [Hamilton and him in one team] doesn't exist."

Verstappen prefers to compete against multiple teams

Earlier in the day, Franz Tost, AlphaTauri's outgoing team boss, indicated that it does not matter who Verstappen sits next to: he beats them all. "I believe in myself," was Verstappen's response to those words. "Otherwise you might as well quit."

Still, Hamilton and Verstappen together in one team would be wonderful to watch for the neutral fan. The drivers could prove who is really the better of the two. Verstappen, however, can't do anything with that: "What do I have to prove then? I don't have to prove anything. Then there will always be excuses, like: 'He's too old'. It's never right. There is always something else to talk about. A fight between two teammates is nice, but much nicer is a fight between multiple teams, with all the good drivers in a different car."