Hollywood discovers F1: Film star Keanu Reeves also works on an F1 project

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keanu reeves in formula 1
16 October at 10:45
Last update 16 October at 10:51
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Hollywood seems to have caught the bug for Formula 1. Thanks partly to executive producer Lewis Hamilton, Brad Pitt is working on a film about Formula 1. This film should be available on Apple TV at some point. A colleague of Pitt's, Keanu Reeves, known from The Matrix, has completed his own film project about the world's premier motorsport class. The result can be seen on Disney+ as early as next month.

Reeves has made a four-part documentary series about Brawn GP's 2009 successful year. The team led by Ross Brawn competed in Formula 1 for only one season but took both championships that year. Jenson Button won his first and only Formula 1 world title with Brawn. In 2010, Brawn became the factory team of Mercedes, which incidentally became one of the most successful teams in the history of the sport.

Reeves on Disney+

In the series to be seen on Disney's streaming service, Reeves is the commentator. The film star's involvement in F1 has been known about for some time. In 2022, Reeves was seen several times on the F1 grid, and then he talked about his plans for a series on Brawn. Filming for the series has now come to an end.

In addition, Formula 1 fans around the world are anxiously awaiting the film Hamilton is currently working on. Footage has already been shot at various circuits for this, but due to the writers' strike in Hollywood, the project has been delayed. A release date is unknown.