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This is Wolff's way of congratulating Marko on the championship!

This is Wolff's way of congratulating Marko on the championship!

07-10-2023 07:34 Last update: 09:01

Red Bull became constructors' champion over the weekend in Japan. Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff was not at the track himself due to injury, but he did congratulate compatriot Helmut Marko. During Wolff's time away from the team, there was a bit of on-track trammel between his two Mercedes drivers. Wolff comments on the aspects mentioned.

At Suzuka, Red Bull Racing naturally became Formula 1 constructors' champion. The Mercedes team boss congratulated compatriot Helmut Marko on the victory: "I congratulate him via WhatsApp. Despite all the rivalry, you have to remain an honest sportsman. The car, the team and the driver. They are the benchmark, you can only congratulate them," Wolff said on OE24.

Wolff on the 2024 car

Lewis Hamilton recently said that Mercedes' car for the 2024 season has yet to undergo massive development. This is in line with what the team boss also likes to see, explaining himself.

"This is exactly what we tell ourselves every day: the development curve has to be steeper than ever," Wolff says. "This is the way we accelerate. Only if we can put our car on a much better footing will we be able to race at the front. Because Red Bull is so far ahead, we are completely changing our car concept."

Wolff remained a virtual presence in Japan

Despite Mercedes' team boss being injured and not appearing in Japan, he remained connected to the team over the weekend: "I set up a pit wall at home, I was connected to the team and fully involved," the Austrian told reporters. Wolff will also not be in Qatar due to his injury.