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Horner hits back at Wolff: 'Nobody looks at Wikipedia these days'

Horner hits back at Wolff: 'Nobody looks at Wikipedia these days'

22-09-2023 06:38

When Red Bull Racing started its own Formula 1 team in 2005, it was not taken seriously by everyone immediately because of its reputation as an energy drink manufacturer. But now, the Austrian racing stable is now more than that. However, even Red Bull themselves could never have foreseen the success the team would become, admits team boss Christian Horner.

"When I first came in, it was clear that Dietrich had come into Formula One because he wanted to compete and had bought what was the Jaguar Formula One team that had been a perennial seventh-place finisher. It was then about constructing a team, and I don't think any of us could have ever envisaged what lay ahead of us. Within 19 seasons, we've achieved what we have," Horner said after the first free practice session for the Japanese Grand Prix.

Horner hits back at Wolff

"It has been a phenomenal journey so far," added the Red Bull team boss. "But it's never a question about looking back. It's always a question of looking forward. I think if we can close out these championships in the coming races... well, nobody looks at Wikipedia these days, but that again is a huge statistic that everybody will be immensely proud of," he said with a wink, referring to Toto Wolff's statements about the record Max Verstappen broke at Monza.

"I think for us, it then becomes about next year, the year after and, of course, the next chapter for Red Bull, which is with the relationship with Ford in 2026 with producing our own powertrain. Going from zero with a startup company effectively and building a facility. That is the next challenge. But it's been quite a journey, and hopefully, there are a few more chapters to go," Horner said.