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Berger denounces Mercedes duo after Verstappen comments: 'Frustrated'

Berger denounces Mercedes duo after Verstappen comments: 'Frustrated'

12-09-2023 14:44 Last update: 15:34

Ludo van Denderen

Gerhard Berger is a fan. The Austrian, who was Ayrton Senna's teammate in the 1990s, greatly admires Max Verstappen's qualities and achievements. In contrast, Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff are not unapologetic about what the (currently) two-time champion is performing. Indeed, the Mercedes duo downplayed Verstappen's record set in Italy quite a bit.

For instance, Wolff said Verstappen's 10 consecutive wins are only of interest to Wikipedia and that 'nobody reads that'. Hamilton cited that Verstappen was always up against lesser teammates than himself. "In some ways, they are a bit frustrated too, because the seasons are not running as they would like to run and then in the right moment, the wrong question gives some statements like this," Berger said in the F1 Nation Podcast.

Hamilton and Verstappen in the same team?

The 10-time Grand Prix winner cites that in the past, on the contrary, praise was given to Mercedes. "They to swallow it [that Verstappen is the dominant factor]. Let's say this way, Lewis says Max doesn't have a strong teammate but would Lewis be happy to join Max in the same team? I doubt it!”

Hamilton and Verstappen are among the best drivers to ever compete in Formula 1. Who would be the best if they were driving in the same team with the same equipment anyway? Berger expects the Dutchman would be the quicker of the two because he is younger. The Austrian added to that: "It’s difficult to say but obviously, Lewis is a very outstanding driver, one of the best I have seen in this business but Max is on the way to be the best. Maybe is the best already.."