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Teammate Van 't Hoff honours him with special helmet design

Teammate Van 't Hoff honours him with special helmet design

08-09-2023 13:11 Last update: 14:14

Cas van de Kleut

On 1 July, Dilano van 't Hoff died at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. The young Dutchman was involved in an incident during a rainy race in the Formula Regional European Championship. To honour him, his teammate, Sami Meguetounif, is driving with a special helmet in honour to Van 't Hoff for the rest of the season.

The motorsport world was shocked when the news of Dilano's death came out. Many Formula 1 drivers expressed grief over the incident. Richard Verschoor spoke fond words about his racing friend after his victory in the Formula 2 race in Austria.

Special helmet as a tribute to Van 't Hoff

The teammate, Meguetounif, is now driving with a special helmet. The helmet is mostly orange, with several pictures of Van 't Hoff. Meguetounif says on his Instagram: "From now until the end of the season I will use your colours mate, I will give you my heart to honour you."

Check out the photos of the helmet below

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