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'Impressive driver, working with him is doubly impressive'

'Impressive driver, working with him is doubly impressive'

29-08-2023 20:05 Last update: 23:54
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Toby McLuskie

In the last three races before the summer break, Aston Martin's speed seemed to slow down a bit. A strong start to the season already brought the team six podium finishes. Even after the summer break, Aston Martin seems to have tentatively found its way up again. Fernando Alonso grabbed second place in a treacherous race. Performance director Tom McCullough is full of praise for Alonso's contribution to improving the car.

Aston Martin got off to a strong start to the season. With impressive race pace and excellent form from Alonso, Aston Martin was the second team on the grid. However, the last few races before the summer break were more difficult for Lawrence Stroll's team. No more podiums were taken and mainly McLaren managed to find a lot of speed with a big update package. McCullough told GPblog and others at Zandvoort that this season's car had some weaknesses and that Alonso was working very hard to make the car better.

Alonso the best sensor in the car according to Aston Martin

Asked how an experienced driver like Alonso could then help the team, McCullough indicated: "He's obviously a very high-level and pretty impressive driver. Actually working with him is even double that, nearly. He's so motivated. He's so hardworking. His preparation, his questions. He knows to ask the right questions, too. I often say the drivers are one of the best sensors in the car. He's definitely one of those."

Aston Martin's Performance Director reveals that the team also tries to understand and develop everything about the car based on data, but that the 42-year-old Spaniard only really has the ability to indicate what is going on in the car. "He has an ability to really, really understand that and to help you. He helps you on the big picture stuff, whether you're developing a car, race week and execution, strategy."

McCullough: 'His work ethic is second to none'

Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack earlier commented positively on Alonso's influence on the team. McCullough is also visibly enjoying working with the two-time world champion. "His work ethic is second to none. We're really enjoying working with him. Even when we haven't been as competitive, he's been super supportive and strong. He knows that he can still do very well in this championship."