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Hill on record-hunting Verstappen: 'That's what motivates, not the stats'

Hill on record-hunting Verstappen: 'That's what motivates, not the stats'

23-08-2023 15:50 Last update: 16:55

Max Verstappen is having an impressive 2023 season. A lot of records are in sight for the Dutchman. However, Damon Hill thinks breaking records is not the most important thing that motivates a driver.

Hill on F1 stats

"You don't set off with the ambition of breaking all records statistically," Hill begins in the F1 Nation podcast. "I think what motivates race teams and drivers is to win and to keep winning. And naturally from that flows the statistics. That you get so far and have not been beaten or you've maintained a record of a run of nine wins, this becomes a thing later on. " Verstappen can match Vettel's record of nine consecutive wins at Zandvoort.

'Red Bull has always been good'

According to the 1996 world champion, Red Bull Racing has always been able to build a competitive car. "Throughout all the seasons, even when they were being dominated by Mercedes, they produced incredibly successful competitive cars." In particular, the engine at the beginning of the hybrid era is pointed out as an Achilles heel by Hill.

Red Bull has won all the races so far and that does not seem to be changing any time soon. "If they manage to polish off all these records, at the end of the season they can sit back. Then everyone can think back on themselves: 'What an amazing achievement'. But they're not there yet," Hill concluded.