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Verstappen can match insane record: 'Only this can stop him'

Verstappen can match insane record: 'Only this can stop him'

14-08-2023 13:10 Last update: 14:55

Max Verstappen can match an insane record at Zandvoort in a fortnight's time. If the Dutchman is victorious at Zandvoort, it will be his ninth victory in a row. Only former Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel has ever before won so many Grands Prix in a row.

Former Red Bulll driver Mark Webber hopes Verstappen will succeed, he told F1.com. Vettel's former rival believes his old breadlord deserves all the praise. "People have to give credit where it’s due. To get that level of advantage with the depth of competition in F1… There’s so many, so many opportunities to make mistakes, whether it’s pit stops, reliability, presentation of the car, driver errors, but it’s just been a run for the ages."

'This alone can stop Max Verstappen'

Webber thinks nothing stands in Verstappen's way of breaking Vettel's record, except reliability problems. "That is the only thing that can stop it," he said. Should the two-time world champion win the Dutch Grand Prix for a third consecutive time, he could shatter Vettel's record a week later at Monza. "He is top drawer. He’s going to come back refreshed, and I think because there’s even no pressure on him, it’s even more of an advantage for him."