Former Ferrari president: 'I regret that they celebrate after third place'

Former Ferrari president: 'I regret that they celebrate after third place'

12-08-2023 08:35 Last update: 09:33

Luca di Montezemolo sees Ferrari going through a difficult period. This season, there have only been three podium finishes for the Maranello-based racing stable, and that is far too few, according to the former Ferrari president. He would, however, like to see Charles Leclerc's contract extended.

At the Belgian Grand Prix, Leclerc finished third, and there was something of a relief for Ferrari. In Hungary, the two SF23s were nowhere to be seen, and so the podium finish in the Ardennes was enthusiastically welcomed.

Di Montezemolo regarded it with sorrow. "You know what I regret? That you celebrate for a third place, like in Spa. This is nothing for Ferrari, and the old man (Enzo Ferrari, ed.) would not have accepted it. Never," he told Quotidiano Nazionale. In his view, Ferrari should only be satisfied as it fights for the world championship. "You can lose, but as protagonists, not as extras".

Di Montezemlo wants Leclerc to stay in red

Leclerc, on the other hand, can charm the 75-year-old. Ferrari would be wise to upgrade and extend his contract, which runs until 2024. "I would definitely keep him. He is good, and I don't think there are any drivers stronger than him. But right now, who is driving in the red is the least of the problems," Di Montezemolo is referring to Ferarri's car, which is lacking in pace.