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Verstappen joked with Coulthard: 'That's just how good the guy is'

Verstappen joked with Coulthard: 'That's just how good the guy is'

06-08-2023 07:52 Last update: 08:43
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Toby McLuskie

Red Bull Racing chief David Coulthard is close with two-time F1 champion Max Verstappen. The Scot tells a story about how Verstappen scared the hell out of him in the pit lane in Austria. The Dutchman just wanted to give Coulthard a scare.

Coulthard explains what happened to Eddie Jordan in the podcast Formula for Success. The Scot was standing in the pit lane at the Red Bull Ring during the Austrian GP. Coulthard: "I was standing just before the Red Bull garage in the pit lane with my back to the FIA garage door. And I see Max is coming down the pit lane so I take my phone out. I thought I'd take a wee video of a pitstop for my son, you know, it'd be a nice little thing.  [...] he went past about half a metre away from my feet!"

Verstappen scared Coulthard for a moment

Coulthard was shocked by Verstappen's action: "I couldn't go any farther back and he pulls into the pit box. I filmed it and I think 'God that was you know, it was a bit on the edge.'." On the way back to Monaco after the Grand Prix, Verstappen and Coulthard shared transport. During that flight, the penny dropped. Coulthard: "He comes in [the plane] and goes, 'Did you like how close I got to you in the pit lane?'"

"I asked him if he knew it was me," Coulthard continued. ""He went, 'Yeah, I didn't need to go that close. I just wanted to give you a little scare'" Jordan replied, "That's just how good that guy is!"