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Chandhok points out: 'This is the moment Verstappen broke Perez'

Chandhok points out: 'This is the moment Verstappen broke Perez'

04-08-2023 09:26 Last update: 12:34


Sky Sports analyst Karun Chandhok thinks he knows the moment when Max Verstappen mentally snapped his teammate Sergio Perez. On a Sky Sports podcast, he and presenter David Croft discussed the moment when he thinks Perez got a snap to his confidence.

Sergio Perez got off to a strong start this season with victories in Jeddah and Baku. On these street circuits, in particular, the Mexican driver impressed the Sky Sports duo. "David Croft [Sky Sports' lead commentator] and I were in the commentary box there saying he would have overtaken Max, let alone through the strategy, he would have overtaken Max on track and won that race. It was a proper convincing performance, admittedly at one of his strongest circuits on the calendar." From those races onwards, Perez's confidence rose and he repeatedly expressed his intention to go full steam ahead for the world championship this year.

Chandhok sees cause for concern at Red Bull

In recent race weekends, however, Sergio Perez is being driven at an ever-increasing disadvantage by teammate Max Verstappen. Karun Chandhok also sees this and he thinks he knows at what point Perez's mental snap came: "But ever since he got overtaken on Lap 48 in Miami – it's just gone away from him. I look at what happened even at the weekend at Spa. Max got ahead of him and he put 22 seconds on him in 27 laps. To me, that is the cause of concern, the only cause of concern, in the Red Bull camp," the Indian explained.