Verstappen past Senna after win in Austria and chasing Prost

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verstappen past senna prost and vettel next
3 July at 15:01
Last update 3 July at 15:24

Max Verstappen won his seventh race of the 2023 season in Austria. With that, the counter now stands at 42 wins for the Dutchman and Verstappen has definitely passed Ayrton Senna (41 wins). Who else can Verstappen pass this season?

Prost is Verstappen's next target

Prior to this season, the Dutchman stood at 35 wins in Formula 1 and in just nine races, Verstappen has already added seven to that. The two-time world champion seems hard to stop and the next on the list of most wins, Alain Prost, does not seem to be safe from this season's dominant Verstappen. The Frenchman has recorded a total of 51 wins in Formula 1 and with 13 races to go in 2023, Verstappen could even surpass Prost as early as this season.

The Red Bull Racing driver thus needs nine more wins to match the former driver of McLaren and Ferrari. Of course, the earliest this will happen is if Verstappen wins all of the next nine races, which would see the Dutchman match the Frenchman during the second Grand Prix weekend in America (at COTA, from 20 to 22 October). A week later, Verstappen could then overtake the four-time world champion, at the GP in Mexico.

Is Vettel even feasible for Verstappen in 2023?

Next on the list is Sebastian Vettel. The German is third with 53 wins and this four-time world champion too can still be overtaken by Verstappen in 2023, although it will be very difficult. Verstappen would have to win 11 of the remaining 13 races this season to equal Vettel, which can then happen in Brazil on 5 November at the earliest. At the Grand-Prix weekend in Las Vegas, Verstappen could then take over third place on this list from the German for good. The gap to number two on the list Michael Schumacher is very large, as the seven-time world champion has won 91 races.