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Webber has faith in Piastri and says he needs time

Webber is patient: 'Piastri needs time to take next step'

12 June at 10:24
Last update 12 June at 14:33

Oscar Piastri is seen by many as a potential world champion. The Australian won the Formula 2 championship in 2021, and in a McLaren that is not performing optimally, he regularly scores points. However, according to his manager Mark Webber, he needs time to take the next step into Formula 1.

The Melbourne-born driver is currently the best-performing debutant in Formula 1. With five points, he is currently 13th in the championship, seven points behind his teammate Lando Norris.

'Needs time'

If Piastri ever wants to become world champion, he will have to make a move at some point. According to Webber, taking that step will take time. "We’re in a fantasy world to say he’s going to go out there and naturally match one of the top three drivers in the world right now in Lando Norris. Time is going to be the best thing that he’s got, and that’s something we can’t buy obviously," he told Speedcafe.com.