Midday update at Le Mans | Change at the front in Hypercars

Midday update at Le Mans | Change at the front in Hypercars

11-06-2023 10:58 Last update: 11:19

The end of the 24 Hours of Le Mans is starting to come into view. Four hours to go and the drivers will battle it out for the coveted podium spots in this classic race. What is the state of play in the hypercars? What is happening in the LMP2 and LME GTE class? GPblog lists it all.

Since this morning's update, it was shifting points in the lead among the hypercars. The number 51 Ferrari car did not get away well at the pit stop. Sebastien Buemi was able to take over the lead on behalf of Toyota Gazoo Racing. It did not last long as a few laps later he was overtaken by Alessandro Pier Guidi in the same Ferrari. The the two cars are now driven by James Calado and Brendon Hartley respectively, creating a really close battle. The Ferraris also have a technical problem with their pit stop procedure, making every stop a risk for the Italians.

Otherwise, there was another remarkable moment in the hypercars this morning. After the Glickenhaus with number 708 spun, the other Glickenhaus with number 709 did so in exactly the same way. And yes, also in exactly the same spot. Quite remarkable. Furthermore, during a pit stop, it seemed like that the 709 car got a new car part with a '708' on it, symbolising how synchronised the two cars really are.

LMP2 and LM GTE categories

In the LMP2 category, the #34 Inter Europol car is leading, while in the LM GTE, the team made up of only female drivers, Iron Dames got the lead. They are fighting against the Omani team ORT by TF.

In other news, famous actor Michael Fassbender has crashed his 911 Porsche Proton LM GTE car, causing a slow zone. The team is still working on their car. Coming over from Nascar, Jenson Button is currently driving the #24 Hendrick Motorsports car. The former F1 champion is currently in 34th place overall.

Current 24h of Le Mans standings