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Brundle not too enthusiastic: 'They were well behind a cruising Max'

Brundle not too enthusiastic: 'They were well behind a cruising Max'

05-06-2023 17:40 Last update: 19:13

For television viewers, Max Verstappen was barely visible during the Spanish Grand Prix, as the Dutchman was so dominant in Barcelona that there was no need to put him on screen at all. After all, the excitement of the race was not with him. In his commentary position, Sky Sports analyst Martin Brundle admired the reigning champion's display of power.

Brundle congratulated Red Bull and Max Verstappen on 'yet another dominant weekend' in his regular column after a Grand Prix on Sky Sports website. The former F1 driver was full of praise for the two-time world champion, and not for the first time this season. "It was pretty clear who was going to win once the RB19 emerged from the first chicane in the lead and intact," stated Brundle, who was also - to some extent - positive about the state of Mercedes in Barcelona.

'Mercedes bit hopeful in Barcelona'

The German team featured both Lewis Hamilton and George Russell on the podium, celebrating its best result this season. In the Mercedes camp, therefore, there was a lot of joy. But, Brundle countered: "Before we get too excited, they were 24 and 32 seconds, respectively, behind a cruising Verstappen, but at least it's some hope that the Mercedes sidepod upgrade did some good, although we can't say that about Ferrari's similar upgrade yet."

Do the upgrades work or not? Verstappen didn't have to worry about that. He drove a solitary race in the lead, and nothing or no one could keep him from his 40th Grand Prix victory. "The only thing to challenge the Red Bull out front was some white paint. Verstappen managed to breach track limits three times and received a warning flag whilst apparently just minding his own business. That being the business of running away with this championship yet again," Brundle said.