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New driver at Ferrari? 'We'll talk about that later'

New driver at Ferrari? 'We'll talk about that later'

02-06-2023 14:21 Last update: 15:20

Silly season has begun again. Lewis Hamilton might make the move to Ferrari, in exchange for Charles Leclerc taking a seat in the Mercedes. Is Carlos Sainz's seat even safe? So on and so forth. Fred Vasseur does not want to discuss the Ferrari line-up.

The Italian racetrack presented new sidepods in Barcelona. The people from Maranello hope to boost their race pace in particular, in order to get closer to Red Bull. In qualifying, Ferrari generally keeps up well, but in the race the red cars then fall way back. It is difficult for Ferrari team boss Fred Vasseur to draw conclusions immediately after FP1. "The first feeling is good, but let's have a look at everything and we'll see over the weekend what is the situation," the Frenchman argued. According to Vasseur, the new sidepods are not groundbreaking. "It's a change for sure, but it's not a new car," said the team boss.

New drivers?

The Ferrari man was also asked about his drivers. Are the rumours true, or will the Italians stick with Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz for now? "So far we have enough to do with the development of the car.  We have a lot to do on the technical side and we'll speak about drivers a bit later," Vasseur stated. "We will speak about the drivers a bit later," he sounded expectantly.