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Horner looking forward to Las Vegas: 'Sports event of the year'

Horner looking forward to Las Vegas: 'Sports event of the year'

11-05-2023 16:28 Last update: 17:07


It is still more than five months until the lights go green, but the Las Vegas Grand Prix continues to make headlines. The race - for which tickets are quite pricey - is set for 18 November (in Europe, it will be the 19th by then) and it promises to be a spectacle on the legendary Strip. Christian Horner, Red Bull Racing's team boss, is looking forward to the event.

In the podcast Pardon my Take, Horner was asked about the Las Vegas Grand Prix. "So it's going to be an awesome event," said the Brit. "I think it's going to be the biggest sporting event globally this year. I really do. I think that the interest and the hype around that race, I mean, a Saturday night race down the strip in Vegas, who doesn't want to be there? Who does not want to see that race?"

'The US is different'

The Grand Prix in the entertainment city is possible after Formula One's surge in popularity in the United States. Miami last weekend already showed that the sport has been embraced by Americans. In Florida, even more people had turned out for the Grand Prix than a year earlier.

"I think racing in the States for us is very different," Horner continued in the podcast. "I mean, I'm very British, obviously, and coming over here, everybody's so friendly and a lot of high fives and fist bumps. Even when you go out for a run. In England, you go for a run, nobody talks to you. Over here, everybody's super friendly. So that's taken an adjustment. But just the interest and the hype around Formula One is just amazing. And you guys put on a great show.