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Horner remains wary: 'This season is a marathon'

Horner remains wary: 'This season is a marathon'

25-04-2023 15:52 Last update: 18:26


Christian Horner remains wary despite his team Red Bull Racing's great start to the 2023 season. Red Bull has so far won all races as well as conquering all pole positions.

Having finished 2022 as the dominant formation in Formula 1, the Austrian team has continued no differently in 2023. In the first two races, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, Red Bull scored 87 out of 88 possible points, the team missing out on the fastest race lap in Bahrain. Only in Australia, it failed to score a one-two, after Sergio Perez crashed out early in qualifying.

Red Bull is not there yet

Despite all the success in recent races, Horner does not want to rejoice too soon. He points out that the season is still very long. "It’s a great start to an absolute marathon of a season so were are not taking anything for granted at this point in time. There is always that nervousness of what’s going to happen in the next race," the team boss says in the Red Bull podcast.

The British team boss remains wary and always keeps in mind that other teams could find so much time due to the 'young' regulations. "Updates are coming, these regulations are still relatively immature, we know that teams are going to have developments coming over the next few races. So, things can change quickly in Formula One and you are always looking over your shoulder."