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Lewis Hamilton praises Red Bull

Lewis Hamilton praises rival: 'Red Bull has got a great team'

21 April at 14:19
Last update 21 April at 16:12
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Lewis Hamilton has spoken positively about major rival Red Bull Racing. The British driver thinks it will be very difficult to overtake the Austrians, he told The Guardian.

Since the new technical regulations introduced in 2022, Red Bull has been the team to beat. Last year, Max Verstappen won a whopping 15 races in his RB18. The Dutchman will be keen to break this record in 2023. The energy drink manufacturer has the best papers to win both championships this year too. Indeed, the gap to the competition this year only looks bigger.

Hamilton praises Red Bull

Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton wants only one thing: to win an eighth world title and overtake Michael Schumacher as the driver with the most world titles. Much to the Mercedes driver's disappointment, his car proved incapable of structurally fighting the Milton Keynes crowd. "I'm aware that it could take a long time to catch a car. If you look at the Red Bull, is just going to continue to evolve most likely" Hamilton stated. 

Still, the driver is not giving up. "They've got a great team around them, so I'm sure they'll continue to add downforce." It's on Mercedes to close the gap as soon as possible. On their way to greater success, the Germans have made hefty changes to the organisation. Hamilton knows what the racing stable has to do: "We've got to make sure when we do make the change, hopefully, the job isn't too far and it's going to take us the rest of the year for sure to potentially close that gap."