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Turmoil at Mercedes: 'Technical director didn't consider himself fit'

Turmoil at Mercedes: 'Technical director didn't consider himself fit'

21-04-2023 12:35 Last update: 13:42


Mercedes is going through a shake-up. Changes are being made within the organisation of the multiple world champions to return to the successful years the team enjoyed earlier this decade. Motorsport.com reported on the changes at Mercedes earlier today.

The biggest news is that technical director Mike Elliott is stepping down, swapping positions with Chief Technical Officer James Allison. Under Elliott's leadership, the car brand developed the revolutionary W13 and W14. Both Formula 1 cars surprised friends and foe because of the lack of sidepods. Mercedes thought it had outsmarted everyone, but ended up turning out to be the third or fourth team on the grid after a six-year dynasty. Since then, the racing stable has been caught up in a quest for success.

'Elliott did not consider himself suitable'

Perhaps a new technical director might offer prospects. The idea to switch positions came out of Elliott's hat: "What Mike's assessment was, and the introspection is really admirable, is that with James we have a gladiator on the field and the troops are going to go through the fire for him and with him" says Wolff. Elliott believed his qualities would be more useful as Chief Technical Officer.

More changes at Mercedes

But it does not stop there. The German racing stable is making further changes to its organisation. For instance, job profiles have been adjusted for designers and Mercedes has appointed an engineering director in the person of Giacomo Tortora to lighten the duties of chief designer John Owen. Tortara will have to ensure the bigger picture, where Owen can focus more on the specific development of the car. Mercedes assumes that the changes within the team will not hinder the developments of the current W14.