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Hockenheim boss wants a return: 'Formula One must not ruin us'

Hockenheim boss wants a return: 'Formula One must not ruin us'

16-04-2023 16:43 Last update: 19:06


The king class back in Hockenheim? Rumours are increasingly circulating that a return of the German Grand Prix is among the possibilities. In a possible rotation schedule, the Hockenheimring could once again be the setting for the world's most popular motorsport. The idea might appeal to Jorn Teske, the circuit's director, he told Sport1.

"We are happy that Audi has revived the conversation. There is still contact with Formula 1, but that doesn't mean any news will come out of it."

'Formula 1 must not ruin Hockenheimring'

A return to the 4.7-kilometre circuit is a long-held wish of the circuit boss: "we very much want Formula 1 to come back to Germany. We know how important the premier class is for a circuit, but also for the region around it. We owe our global fame to the sport and are really doing everything we can to come back."

Although there are snags, according to the German. "Formula 1 must not ruin us (financially). So we have to find a way to get back together. We don't have to make a profit, but we can't make a loss either," Teske said. One possible solution to ease the financial burden would be a collaboration with another circuit. "We are definitely open to organising a race once every two years. If there were a rotation with, say, the Nürburgring, that would be great for the German fans, but also for myself."