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Russell lists all races: 'Red Bull Ring at the bottom'

Russell lists all races: 'Red Bull Ring at the bottom'

09-04-2023 08:13 Last update: 10:15


Mercedes driver George Russell has listed all the circuits on the F1 2023 calendar in a 'tier list'. Many more circuits are fun to drive according to him. He puts only a few circuits at the bottom tier. The Brit was allowed to classify all 22 races into four categories from high to low: Top tier, great, solid and 'meh'.

Russell explained in a YouTube video on Mercedes' channel that Baku will not be quite on the favourites list. "Baku is probably the best track on the calender for racing, but for driving it is not the most exciting one in the world," Russell said about the circuit of his next race.

Red Bull Ring

The driver puts the Melbourne circuit right in the middle of the board between 'awesome' and 'solid'. "With the changes they have done in the last year, it did get better for racing. It is a cool circuit though."

Russell immediately hurls the Red Bull Ring towards the bottom rung. "I mean just for the name it's got to go in the 'meh' column," he said.