'Horner clarifies possible team orders at Red Bull'

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Christian Horner is clear about possible team orders at Red Bull Horner
28 March at 11:06
Last update 28 March at 12:02
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Christian Horner has finally clarified Red Bull's position: yes, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez will be allowed to race each other. There will be no team orders from the pit wall, the team boss told Speedcafe.com.

Since the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, in which both Red Bull drivers went for the victory, the debate has flared up whether the Austrian racing stable should impose team orders or let the Mexican and the Dutchman race each other freely. It was heard overboard radio that in Djedda both men were given a 'target time' by their engineer. Yet Horner denies that the team will use team orders, in which one of the two bantams is told to let the other go.

'No team orders for Verstappen and Perez'

The Briton has confidence in his two drivers. "It's round two. We’ve got two very mature drivers, they’ve worked together and they’ve worked well together." Red Bull did talk about team orders. "Look, [they] are free to race today but the rules of engagement are: team first and respect each other, respect the cars you’re driving", Horner is clear.