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Jordan is incorrigible: 'Lewis Hamilton should go to Ferrari'

Jordan is incorrigible: 'Lewis Hamilton should go to Ferrari'

22-03-2023 19:18 Last update: 21:45


Eddie Jordan believes there are only two options for Lewis Hamilton going forward and they are sticking with Mercedes or making the jump to rivals in red, Ferrari.

In an interview with OLGB Jordan is asked about the situation surrounding Hamilton and Mercedes. He believes there are only two possible moves for the multiple Formula One champion.

"The only other places I see Hamilton going is Ferrari or staying at Mercedes. At the moment, there's no contract signed and Toto Wolff said if he was Hamilton he would consider leaving." Jordan said.

Criticism of Toto Wolff

There is also a lot of criticism of Toto Wolff coming from the Irishman. "The book starts with him, Wolff should face the criticism like a man, like a team boss, like a chief executive and face up to the fact that Mercedes have got it wrong," Jordan said.

Jordan also commented on the pressure Leclerc will be under at Ferrari, and couldn't resist a jab at Mercedes. "We still have not seen enough from Leclerc for me to say otherwise, but the pressure of driving for Ferrari is huge. If Leclerc went to a smaller team like Mercedes, you would see fireworks from him."