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Palmer sees tumultuous race by Alonso: 'In the end, it's deserved'

Palmer sees tumultuous race by Alonso: 'In the end, it's deserved'

22-03-2023 18:06 Last update: 21:36


Perhaps the most talked about man after last weekend is Fernando Alonso. Jolyon Palmer analysed the Aston Martin man's race and looked at his fortunes.

Fernando Alonso's much-discussed start that saw him incur a five-second penalty was clearly explained by Palmer. "It's too late he’s just come across the line and he's on the left hand side. It's hard to see when you are so low in your car." This false but fast start by Alonso meant he immediately took the lead of the Grand Prix.

After the podium celebrations Alonso was given a ten second time penalty for failing to serve the penalty correctly, and was therefore demoted to fourth, with George Russell taking his place in the podium press conference. However, this was overturned later on appeal.

"The jack doesn't lift it yet waits because no one's allowed to touch the car within the 5 seconds, but the rear jack has made contact with the car," Palmer said looking back at the footage.

"Aston Martin went to the rulebook and they said that actually whilst the spirit of the rules is that you can't touch the car with the rear jack, you're allowed it, with the front jack because it's allowed to guide the car into position. So the front jack is technically is allowed to touch the car. And Aston Martin said, well, there's nothing that stops the rear Jack doing that as well in the rules, just the sort of spirit of it."