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Wolff confirms turnaround: 'But new chassis not within budget'

Wolff confirms turnaround: 'But new chassis not within budget'

18-03-2023 11:20 Last update: 13:43


On the morning of Saturday's Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, Toto Wolff hinted that Mercedes has decided to change tack on the development of the W14. The team boss has since confirmed this and explained further.

Wolff confirms new philosophy Mercedes

Auto Motor und Sport writes that Wolff has confirmed that Mercedes will change the philosophy of the W14. Two years in a row, Mercedes is coming off a poor start. Therefore, the team has looked at itself and decided that the philosophy behind the current car is not working. Changes were needed quickly and they are coming.

Wolff does not want to give it a firm date so as not to add unnecessary pressure at the factory. Wolff says of the process: "Even if we have to take a step backwards now first, two steps forward will soon follow." The team boss admitted that the team misread its own data in the winter. Also, based on the victory in Brazil, the team thought they were on the right track. These two reason have led the team in the wrong direction.

Mercedes wants to be able to use Red Bull's set-up

The biggest problem Mercedes found out in Bahrain is a huge downforce deficit, especially compared to rival Red Bull Racing. So improvements will mainly focus on that. Mercedes is looking for a way to tune the car as low as Max Verstappen's RB19. AMuS reports that the W14's sleek sidepods will change and so the car's body will look a lot wider.

It is not going to fit into the budget limit to make a whole new chassis. Wolff: "[But] the budget cap will not stop us from redeveloping the aerodynamics."