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Glock: 'Verstappen is the clear favourite for the title'

Glock: 'Verstappen is the clear favourite for the title'

12 March - 11:33 Last update: 12:04


Timo Glock sees Max Verstappen as the obvious champion of 2023. In an interview with Web.de the former F1 driver discusses the current situation on the grid and compares Verstappen to greats of the past.

With a particularly dominant performance in the opening race in Bahrain, Verstappen seems to be the main contender to run away with the title again this season. Glock agrees. In the interview, held before the start of the season, Glock was asked about his favourite for the title and whether the other teams can still make things a bit difficult for Red Bull.

"Max Verstappen is in a very good position with Red Bull," Glock said. "For me, he is the clear favourite. Behind Red Bull, Ferrari is faster than Mercedes. However, Mercedes proved last season how well they can develop after a poor start to the season. It will be exciting who will be behind Red Bull. Of course a battle between the three of them would be best."

'Verstappen is the best driver, but he also has the best car'

Glock was also asked to compare Verstappen to past champions such as Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna. Although Glock has a high opinion of Verstappen, he makes it clear that that comparison is not so easy to make.

"Max Verstappen's achievements are very impressive. Since he drove his first metres in Formula 1, he has been very fast," Glock analysed. "Yet it is difficult to compare him with drivers from the past. Schumacher and Senna drove in a different time and had different conditions. Right now, Verstappen is the most complete driver. But he also has a very good car. Lewis Hamilton was also dominant for years because he had a package that worked well. The same was true of Michael Schumacher, who even built a team around himself. The special thing about exceptional drivers is that they get the most out of their car in every race. All the drivers I mentioned were able to do this."