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Emergency meeting Mercedes reveals: 'One of the worst race days'

Emergency meeting Mercedes reveals: 'One of the worst race days'

09-03-2023 18:52


Following the disappointing performance of both Mercedes cars last weekend, the German team set up an 'emergency meeting'. The car would only finish fourth when it came to top speed. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell only managed to secure places five and seven.

Technical director Mike Elliot is getting the heat. " We keep coming back to this concept because it works most in our favour," said the self-defending Elliot. There would be major problems with the aerodynamics of the bolide. Mercedes ' car can perhaps already be called a "failure". Whether it will fare better in Jeddah we will soon find out.


Mercedes kept making changes to their set-up over the past race weekend. The adjustments to the rear wing are already making slight improvements this way, but things are still not going wholeheartedly. Hamilton himself feels that progress has been made since the preparations. He says his car, the W14, has become a lot stronger in terms of rear stability and traction. Team boss Toto Wolff, on the other hand, was very harsh and unapologetic: "It was one of the worst days since we have been racing in F1." (Formu1a.uno)